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Humanitarian Aid Foundation Indonesia was established to promote the development of rural communities; to promote the economic empowerment of women; to encourage the participation of rural women in adult education programmes; to engage in vocational training for women in rural areas; to provide micro-credit facilities and encourage savings. Humanitarian Aid Foundation Indonesia is an organization started by the World Bank and other benefactor offices basically to work as Multi-Sidelong Organ for Social Financial Advancement in Indonesia particularly in accomplishing enduring arrangement in annihilation of destitution and underdevelopment.
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To improve and empower youths of the inhabitants, to reduce the rate of unemployment among youths of the nation, to eradicate poverty and impact self employment among youths.

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We believe that we can save more lifes with you

Legal Services

Our in-house group of lawyers and lawful agents assist their clients with exploring the US citizenship and movement framework, holding families together, and permitting them to accomplish a more noteworthy feeling of safety.

Mental Health & Community Wellness

Sound people group are engaged networks. We make a sound way of life more open with studios, support gatherings, and guiding, all through an injury informed and socially delicate focal point.

Children & Youth

We work with youngsters from outset through secondary school graduation to outfit them with devices and assets to construct a splendid future, including instructive projects and exercises, tutoring, and family support.

Adult Education & Training

Through foundational academic and professional programs like ESL, civics education, workforce development, and more, we provide the tools adults need for long-term success.

Community Resources & Empowerment

We equip our community with the tools and information needed to thrive in the face of adversity, including “Know Your Rights” trainings and direct outreach.






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For the purposes of this policy, a Donor country firm means an organisation carrying on business in the Donor country in accordance with the company incorporation and business registration laws

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International aid provides a key element of development financing. For many of the poorest countries, official development assistance (ODA) represents the largest source of external financing.

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Your generosity helps give our recently resettled refugee neighbors in Charlottesville the support and opportunities they need to become self-sufficient, productive citizens. From welcome baskets to community connections, educational assistance and health services, housing and transportation, your gift helps these families go from surviving to thriving!

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