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We are non-profit charity organization

Humanitarian Aid Foundation Indonesia is an organization started by the World Bank and other benefactor offices basically to work as Multi-Sidelong Organ for Social Financial Advancement in Indonesia particularly in accomplishing enduring arrangement in annihilation of destitution and underdevelopment.
Aside from being a carrying out accomplice to the World Bank on formative undertakings in Indonesia, the Office fills in as an indispensable linkage between other worldwide networks particularly Giver nations/Offices in guaranteeing that acquisition in projects supported by the World Bank and other Contributor Nations/Offices are directed as per its Articles of Arrangement.
The Articles of Understanding requires the HAF to make game plans to guarantee that Advances/Awards continues so accommodated formative ventures in Indonesia are utilized uniquely for the reasons for which such assets was given to and to additionally guarantee that Political and other non-monetary impacts or contemplations don't impact Acquisition/Grants of Agreements/Tasks. At last to keep up with effectiveness, reasonableness and straightforwardness of all consumption which is basic to maintainable turn of events.
To improve and empower teenagers of the tenants, to lessen the speed of joblessness among youngsters of the country, to obliterate dejection and impact autonomous work among youths.






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